Note’s a godsend: Lisa finds ‘I love you’ message from ‘late dad Thomas’ in charity shop

The copy below details how a piece I wrote about a friend’s Facebook post ended up on national television in January 2018.

MY wife Danielle was browsing Facebook and pointed out a touching story that one of our friends, Lisa Gernon, had posted.
Lisa told how she had been leafing through a second-hand book she was buying to bring on an upcoming holiday when she found a note saying: “I love you Lisa.”
The note was all the more poignant because her father had died the year before, and she had booked the holiday on his anniversary to bring a little joy to a sad time.
I thought this would make a fantastic, sharable piece for – a heartwarming story at what can be, in many different ways, a cold and difficult time of the year.
I spoke to Lisa and she was delighted to do the story.
We squeezed even more goodness into the piece by linking to Lisa’s dad Thomas, pictured top with his daughter, had been the recipient of many blood packs and platelets in his brave, 10-month battle with AML.

The story then went live on on January 8, pictured below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.21.39A week later, Today with Daithi and Maura, picked up on it and did a live video with Lisa – all the way from her holiday in Mauritius, pictured below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.22.33Yours truly also got a nice mention on national TV. The video has since been viewed 36,000 times.
My experience with this story is that it was positive for everyone: Lisa and her family were delighted, it brought hope and empathy to other people grieving loved ones, got a few hits and some publicity, and basked in a little glow from doing a heartwarming piece.



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