Tuning into myself: My secret life as a songwriter and audio editor

Below are demos for two songs from a batch I wrote/edited into life over the last two years.
Some (most) of my output is too cringe-y to post here, but I’m pretty proud of this pair.

The first, Boing, is an instrumental number which starts off with a digital ambient vibe and then gently smacks you in the face with an acoustic guitar riff. The sound in the background is a field recording of a Spanish playground that I found on the interweb after deciding that standing outside my local school with a mic might look a bit creepy.

The second, To Be Loved, is about the untimely loss of a beautiful and dear friend. I wanted it to sound powerful but playful, like the person themselves.

And as for the ‘secret’ bit mentioned in the headline above… well, it’s not so secret anymore. I guess the music I’ve written is the most personal thing about me. Putting it out there is kinda agonising…but I have to show off my polymath-ness!


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